Quality assurance and governance

World Bank/ Ministry of higher education in Tunisia, January 2015, Entrepreneurship in higher education, Tunis.

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Quality Teaching and Learning Outcomes

OECD What Works Conference on Maximasing the student experience: organisation and moderation of the conference (34 countries, 80 participants), 8-9 April 2014, Paris. Report released in Dec 2014.

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Campus France, Jakarta (April 2013): Quality and student mobility in Asia: what for?

Going Global Conference - British Council - Dubaï, UAE (March 2013). Panel discussion drawing together economic analysis from OECD in identifying links between research output and economic growth, collaboration networks, brain circulation and talent migration.

Mexican Association for International Education, lecturer on the interplay between governments and universities strategies, Ensenada, Mexico, 7-9 November 2012.

European Association for International Education - Dialogue on "Leadership and the modernization of higher education, Dublin, Ireland, 14 September 2012.

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