Quality assurance

Secretary General – Accreditation Committee to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (on-going) Secretary General for the Accreditation Committee to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in charge of evaluating the degrees in postsecondary education, as well as the quality of the international and private universities operating in Luxembourg. Redesign of the quality assurance system in 2015/2016 with a view to complying with the European Standards and Guidelines.

Evaluation/expertise of the legislation on higher education in Albania and assistance to design by-law and process, including review of the renewed quality assurance system (2015-2016). World Bank.

Francophone University Association (AUF) (2015): Training of academic leaders on self-evaluation in the perspective of implementing university-wide internal QA systems in the Maghreb with the Francophone University Association (AUF).

Quality expert – Algeria Sectoral Project (EuropeAid, Ministry of Higher Education of Algeria) – 38,6 M€ (2014). Assisting Ministry of higher education and pool of universities in the setting of country-wide evaluation criteria for the Algerian higher education system, training Ministry leaders and University Quality Units on accreditation/quality audits and conducting feasibility study on national evaluation agency for higher education and research. Consortium leader: ACE, Madrid.

Review of quality assurance arrangements in postsecondary education across Europe, CEDEFOP / European Union (2014). This Europe-wide evaluation explored permeability of VET and higher education systems and pathways between academic and vocational studies. Contracting consultancy: EFDM, Ecorys and Bettelsmanstifftung.

Team coordinator for the European University Association (2012-2013): steering the evaluation process with groups of international academics, consultants and students, report drafting. Universities comprised: Institutional evaluation of the Bioterra University, Romania; Institutional evaluation of Maribor University, Slovenia; Institutional evaluation of the Land Forces Academy Nicolae Balcescu, Romania.

World Bank Expert – Evaluation of Quality Assurance system of Montenegro (World Bank / Ministry of Higher Education) (2013). International World Bank seasoned expert. The project was meant to examine the processes, criteria and procedures for external quality assurance in higher education area in Montenegro and to provide strategies, recommendations/actions for improvement, with a view for the Council on Higher Education to fulfilling the requirements of ENQA and EQAR membership.

Institutional evaluation: National Centre for Professional Education Quality (ANQA), Armenia (2013): External quality expert for the pilot evaluation of the internal quality system of Glaznor University.

Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education/Arab Network for Quality Assurance (ANQAHE) (2012): Strategic thinking on quality assurance structures in Tunisia, in the perspective of setting the new quality assurance agency (established July 2013).

World Bank-Centre for Mediterranean Integration (2012). Fabrice was in charge of the quality assurance aspects of the review on skills mobility in MENA: Policy issues associated with Skills Formation and Mobility. Team leader: World Bank MENA.

OECD Review on governance arrangements and quality assurance guidelines (2010). The review concentrates on the issues that the guidelines promote for good institutional governance and on the distinction between governance arrangements and quality guidelines.

Transnational European Evaluation Project II (TEEP II, ENQA) (2007). Core team member steering a Europe-wide transnational quality evaluation scheme, which aspired to identify means and common elements for quality assurance in the Joint Masters Programmes. Steering group of 6 experts across Europe.

Review on the epistemology of quality assurance (ENQA)(2007): Terminology of quality assurance: towards shared values? Review on the cross-mutual understanding of key quality assurance concepts (peer review, independence, transparency). Publication ENQA, 2007.

Quality Convergence Study (ENQA) (2006). Core team member in charge of the examination of convergence of national quality assurance systems in Europe. Steering experts group of 4 European experts.

French Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education. Position: Team coordinator steering international and national academics, students and employers, carrying out interviews, overseeing the whole evaluation process from outset to final report.

  • Institutional evaluation of the University Paris-Denis Diderot, France
  • Institutional evaluation of the University Pierre et Marie Curie, France
  • Institutional evaluation of the University Aix-Marseille, France
  • Institutional evaluation of the University Clermont-Ferrand 2, France
  • Institutional evaluation of the University Paris-Est Créteil, France

Publications on quality assurance:

  • Jaramillo et.al. Review on Internationalisation of Higher Education in MENA: Policy issues associated with Skills Formation and Mobility Report No: 63762-MNA, World Bank Publishing 2011.
  • Hénard, F., Mitterle, A., Governance and quality assurance: a review on governance arrangements and quality assurance guidelines, OECD Publishing 2010.
  • Hénard, F. Evaluation of practice and effects of self-evaluation in the institutional evaluation processes (AERES, previously National Evaluation Committee), 2007.
  • Co-authoring French Quality Assurance Guidelines: “Handbook of Standards for Quality Management, CNE, France, 2003.

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