• Planète Publique
    • Pluricité
    • Synoptic
    • BCS-Nadine Burquel
    • ABWAB consulting
    • ICON Consulting
    • Innovation Engage


    Learning Avenue has set regular partnerships with the following evaluation and strategy  consultancy companies:

    Planète Publique

    Planète Publique is a public sector consulting firm founded in 2006, with a focus on:

    • Environmental and sustainable policy: climate, energy, water-management, waste management, urban planning, rural development…
    • Social policies: health, primary and secondary education, higher education and research, cultural policies, youth programs, housing policy….
    • The firm specializes in three types of activities:
      1. Evaluation of public policies, the core expertise of the 10-consultant team (70 % of the firm’s turnover)
      2. Assistance to the design of public policies (15 %)
      3. Design and organization of participative democracy processes (15%)

    The company, based in Paris, is managed by two partners, Benoit Simon ([email protected]) and François Mouterde ([email protected] ). The team includes 10 experienced consultants with a diverse background (economists, sociologists, policy analysts…).




    Pluricité is a France-based public policy consulting firm. Pluricité’s senior team is built upon of 9 full-time experts with distinguished academic credentials and extensive experience of public policies. Pluricité was founded in 2004 by Thibaut Desjonquères and Paul Garcia. Pluricité’s philosophy of constant innovation contributes to maintaining the high level of mastering of qualitative and quantitative studies. It is totally independent and does not rely on public subsidies or belong to any corporate group or interest group.

    Contact: Thibaut Desjonquères, Partner Director, [email protected] ; Nicolas Subileau, Partner, [email protected]



    Synoptic is a branch of the evaluation consultancy Pluricité. Synoptic is a company carrying out online surveys as well as quantitative data processing for decision-makers and analysts.

    Contact: Alix de Saint Albin, Director, [email protected]


    BCS-Nadine Burquel

    Nadine is a recognized expert in higher education with more than 20 years experience with EU policies and programmes in higher education as well as with strategy developments in higher education institutions. She founded BCS, that relies on a wide international network of experienced senior experts and decision-makers in higher education, all of whom are able to significantly contribute to a range of Higher Education issues.

    • Strategy formulation and implementation (strategic positioning and profiling)
    • Leadership, governance, change and strategic management
    • Quality enhancement and benchmarking
    • Internationalisation (strategy, joint degree development, credit recognition)
    • Regional engagement and innovation
    • European policies and programmes and their implications for universities
    • Teaching & Learning strategies

    Contact: [email protected]


    ABWAB consulting

    The vocation of Abwab Consultants, based in Casablanca, Morroco, is to provide answers to the needs of state-owned Companies, Private firms and Ministries in terms of consultancy and transitional coaching, as well as economic and market studies.

    Abwab Consultants is formed as a limited Company, founded by two managers, respectively specialist in Organization-Management and in Education.

    Contact: Abderrahmane Lahlou, co-founder and director [email protected]


    ICON Consulting

    With 40 years of experience, ICON hold a leading market position in management and development consulting. The firm manages nearly € 25 million in consultancy projects per year. ICON’s clients include international and national development organisations such as the European Union, the Worldbank and other international development banks, bilateral development agencies such as GIZ, KfW, DFID, as well as national and local governmental institutions and private sector companies.

    ICON’s team consists of more than 70 staff members at the head office in Köln (Germany) and subsidiaries in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), Santiago de Chile and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), as well as over 650 international consultants.

    Contact: Senior consultants, [email protected], [email protected]


    Innovation Engage

    Innovation Engage is a boutique consultancy agency that offers customised services to client organisations on  higher education, innovation and local and regional knowledge-based development. The firm was established in 2013 by Jaana Puukka (Finland, based in France), and is engaged in projects covering strategy, change management and institutional performance as well as knowledge management and production.

    Contact: Jaana Puukka [email protected]

    • Jordi del Bas
    • Patrick Werquin
    • Ashley Ater Kranov
    • Laura Vivani
    • Leslie Diamond
    • Gildas Gauthier
    • Darren McDermott
    • Moctar Sow
    • Jamil Salmi
    • Laura Mendoza


    Learning Avenue cooperates on a regular basis with consultants to make the most of their complementarities and to share experiences. Learning Avenue is pleased to cooperate with the following outstanding consultants:

    Jordi del Bas (Spain/China): Jordi is an economist specialized in development as well as in Monitoring and Evaluation systems and methodologies.  He is an accredited trainer on Evaluation by the European Commission and has worked as a Team Leader and Lead Expert in several UNDP and UNFPA evaluations. He has been a member of the External Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) Team of the European Commission since 2003 and has assessed development projects and programmes implemented by a wide array of agencies (UN, NGOs, research institutes, private sector) across Asia, Africa and Latin America. Jordi has also extensive experience working in private sector development initiatives, both directly with enterprises and with government-related bodies.  He lived and worked in China for five years as a business development expert. Contact : [email protected]

    Patrick Werquin (France/Germany): Dr. Werquin is a French economist based in France and Germany, Associate Professor at CNAM and international consultant. Patrick’s main areas of expertise are: education, technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and lifelong learning (LLL); non-formal and informal learning, and validation and recognition, Labour economics, labour market needs, competences. Contact: [email protected]

    Ashley Ater Kranov (USA): Vice President at Global Professional Skills Assessment, LLC since 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Ashley Kranov leads an international team of professionals from academia and industry to build capacity of individuals and organizations in Educational Research, Quality Assurance, Optimizing Student Learning, and Leadership Skills. Ashley is also Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Washington State University. Contact: [email protected]

    Laura Vivani, Managing Director at MOVERIM (Italy)

    Moverim founder (2001), Laura has worked intensively for nearly 20 years on EU financial programmes, in particular EU Framework Programmes for research and innovation. Lecturer on European affairs for DG COMM since 2002 , she conceives and organizes trainings on management and implementation of EU contracts, EU policies, functioning and strategies. Economist with a Master in Science Communication, Laura is heavily involved in project design phases, negotiation, implementation, dissemination and communications activities. She speaks Italian, French, English and Spanish. Contact: [email protected]

    Leslie Diamond (USA, France): For 23 years, she worked for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development as an analyst in various directorates including the Sahel and West Africa Club. Leslie was most recently an analyst in the Directorate for Education on international educational policy reviews. Leslie is also an editor and translator in English for international organisations. Contact: [email protected]

    Gildas Gautier (France): Gildas has developed activities of evaluation and engineering in VET training and the educative sector for 15 years within EVAL Conseil. After a professional career as manager of social, inclusive and educative structures then as trainer and manager of training programs at university and with skills in educational sciences and public management, he has developed a methodological expertise to evaluate social and educative public policies and programs, both in France and abroad. In France, he regularly participates in the evaluation of professional training programs; abroad he has carried out audit and evaluation of many training and educative programs and policies, particularly in Higher education systems. He knows also well the European procedures of development programs. Contact : [email protected]

    Darren McDermott (Ireland/Hong Kong-based): Darren is an independent international education development consultant based in Hong Kong with significant experience in ASEAN. In 2013, Darren joined the European Commission Policy Dialogue Support Component (PDSC) project as a Senior EU Expert to the Thai Government Office of the Higher Education Commission. Subsequently he served as a Senior EU Expert to the Thai Ministry of Education on the measurement and evaluation of Thai higher education internationalisation under the European Commission’s 2013-2017 EU-Thailand Policy Dialogues Support Facility (PDSF). He has recently been appointed as an EU Expert to participate in the European Commission grant funded Support to Higher Education in the ASEAN Region (SHARE) programme. Contact : [email protected]

    Moctar Sow  (Senegal): Moctar is Vice-President of the French-speaking network for evaluation, and President of the Senegalese Evaluation Association, SénÉval. His an international consultant in evaluation, operating mostly in Africa. Contact: [email protected]

    Jamil Salmi (Morocco, Columbia): Jamil is a global tertiary education expert who, in the past 20 years, has provided policy advice to governments and university leaders in about 90 countries in all parts of the world. He was the Tertiary Education Coordinator at the World Bank (2006-2012). Contact: [email protected]

    Laura Ivette Ballesteros Mendoza (México): Freelance researcher, Master in Higher Education Erasmus Mundus (University of Oslo, University of Tampere, and University of Aveiro), Advanced Master in Development Evaluation and Management (University of Antwerp). Contact: [email protected]

    • Dr. Alenoush Saroyan
    • Dr. John Hearn
    • Dr. Antony Staak
    • Dr. Lorraine Stefanie
    • Dr. Denis Berthiaume
    • Dr. Jason Lane
    • Dr. Sok Sovannarith
    • Bruno Curvale
    • Dr. Ray Land
    • Dr. Ethel Valenzuela
    • Dr. Mohammed Bougroum
    • Dr. Karma El-Hassan
    • Dr. Leandro Tessler
    • Sylvie Bonichon
    • Dr. Rolf Heusser
    • Dr. Fernando León García
    • Dr. Outi Kallioinen
    • Dr. Peter Creticos
    • Dr. Cristina Robalo-Cordeiro
    • Alexandra Pickett


    Fabrice Hénard has been cooperating with the following top-notch academics and international experts. Their scientific rigour, theoretical proficiency and/or long-standing practice in their country and abroad improve the quality of Learning Avenue’s work:

    • Alenoush Saroyan (MacGill University, Canada): academic practice, globalisation of knowledge economy.
    • John Hearn (University of Sydney, Australia): higher education, internationalisation.
    • Antony Staak (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa): academic practice.
    • Loraine Stefanie (University of Auckland, New-Zealand), university pedagogy
    • Denis Berthiaume (Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale, Swizerland), quality assurance, higher education, pedagogy.
    • Jason Lane (State University New York, USA): globalisation of higher education, off-shore campus.
    • Sok Sovannarith (Cambodia): public health, early childhood
    • Bruno Curvale (Center for International Education and Pedagogy, France): quality assurance.
    • Ray Land (Durham University, UK): higher education, academic practice.
    • Ethel Agnes Pascua-Valenzuela (SEAMEO- Regional Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology, Philippines): Educational research
    • Mohammed Bougroum (Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech Morocco): employability, economics, labour markets, Maghreb and Africa.
    • Karma El-Hassan (American University of Beirut, Lebanon): pedagogy, higher education, quality assurance, M&E.
    • Leandro Tessler (CAMPINAS University, Brazil): globalisation of economies, internationalisation, South America.
    • Sylvie Bonichon (France): European expert on higher education, Bologna Process expert, EURASHE representative (European polytechnics).
    • Rolf Heusser (National Institute for Cancer Epidemiology, Switzerland): quality assurance (former Director of OAQ)
    • Fernando León García (CETYS University, Mexico): leadership and governance in higher education
    • Outi Kallioinen (Lahti University, Finland): innovative teaching and learning
    • Peter Creticos (Institute for Work and the Economy, USA): research specializing in workforce and economic development
    • Cristina Robalo-Cordeiro (Portugal): Head of Maghreb Office- French-speaking university association
    • Alexandra Pickett (SUNY Learning Network, USA): Director, Open SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence
    • Academic experts in Western Africa, Maghreb, Middle-East, Australasia, South-East Asia, Central Asia, Central and South America, North America, Europe (Northern, Western, Central and Southern Europe), France.

    • Anis Saidi
    • Aurélia Rabe
    • Mario Fernández
    • Darah Hervé
    • Anouk Richard
    • Quynh Pham
    • Chloé Alexandre
    • Cecilia Heidelberger

    Young professionals and interns enrich Learning Avenue’s experience. They constitute a pool of promising evaluators, policy analysts and future leaders and have greatly contributed to the development of Learning Avenue:

    • Anis Saidi (France, Tunisia, Morocco), Project Manager at the Office of Cooperation for Mediterranean and Middle East, MA International Education, University Paris Descartes.
    • Cecilia Heidelberger (Germany, France, Spain), Freelance Project Officer. MA Intercultural European Studies, Universität Regensburg, Université Blaise Pascal, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
    • Aurélia Rabe (France, Madagascar), self-employed consultant, MA International Education, University Paris Descartes.
    • Mario Fernández Hernández (Spain), MA European Affairs, Science Po Paris.
    • Darah Hervé (France), MA Public Affairs, Science Po Paris.
    • Anouk Richard (France), MA European Affairs, Science Po Paris.
    • Quynh Pham (Vietnam), MA International Affairs, Science Po Paris.
    • Chloé Alexandre (France), Master in Agronomy and Agrifood Sciences & Technologies (Montpellier SupAgro), MA in International Development (Science Po Paris).


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