Quality assurance and governance

  • World Bank/ Ministry of higher education in Tunisia, January 2015, Entrepreneurship in higher education, Tunis.

  • TEMPUS conference Go-Univ: keynoter on “Codes of governance and quality assurance”, Marrakech, Morocco, July 2014.

  • AMAQUEN General conference, Role of students in quality assurance in Europe, 17-19 December 2013, Morocco.

  • UPAEP University, International conference on leadership /innovation at the university, Puebla, Mexico (April 2013).

  • A3ES (QA Agency Portugal): International Conference “Recent trends in quality assurance”, keynoter on “assessment of learning outcomes and impacts for QA assessments”, 11-13 October 2012, Porto.

  • Thessalonica University –“Quality Assurance in Higher Education”, keynoter on “Quality assurance, global trends”, 28-29 September 2011, Larissa, Greece.

  • European Quality Assurance Forum, speaker on “University governance and quality assurance: what is at stake?” 18-20 November 2010, Lyon, France.

  • Central and Eastern European Network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education, keynoter on “Quality assurance-what are the global trends and perspectives?” 27-29 May 2010, Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • Centre for National University Finance and Management (Japan) – Forum on “Helping Universities to be Effective and Viable”, keynoter on “Roles of facilitation agencies in higher education worldwide”, 1-4 November 2010, Tokyo, Japan.

  • World Bank- Centre for Mediterranean Integration-conference on “Universities as key institutional partners for developing good governance practices in MENA”, speaker on “Trends and issues on University Governance and Quality Assurance”, 16-17 December 2009, Marseille, France.

  • UNESCO-International Institute for Educational Planning summer university on “Transparency, responsibility and measures preventing corruption in education”, speaker on “Governance models and quality in higher education systems”, 1 October 2008, Paris, France.

  • Association for Quality Management of Morocco (December 2012), keynoter on Developing innovation in teaching and learning at the university, Casablanca, Morocco.

  • OECD Workshop on “Regional and City Development roundtable: Universities for skills, entrepreneurship, innovation and growth”, 19-20 September 2012, Paris.

  • Universities and Colleges Employers Association-“Managing the academic workforce”, keynoter on academic mobility, 3-4 July 2012, London, UK.

  • The Economic and Social Research Council -“The Pedagogic Quality and Inequality in University First Degrees Project”, 8 November 2011, London, UK.

  • Slovenian Ministry of Higher Education, Seminar on quality teaching in higher education, round table on prospective governmental quality policies, 17 November 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • The German Rectors Association (HRK) –“New Perspectives for Master Study Programmes in Europe”, panellist on “Matching students with Master programmes”, 25-26 October 2011, Berlin, Germany.

  • Universidad Nacional de Mexico (UNAM) lecturer, 17-22 June 2010, Mexico City, Mexico.

  • International Labour Office-UNESCO Committee of Experts on the Application of Recommendations concerning Teaching Personnel (CEART), speaker on “Academic Workforce”, 28 Sept. 2009, Paris.

  • European Quality Assurance Forum – “Quality Assurance systems, teaching and learning outcomes”, speaker on “Quality Assurance and Quality Teaching” 20-22 November 2008, Budapest, Hungary.

  • Indicators for Mapping and Profiling Internationalisation, keynoter on “Which international assessment of learning outcomes?” 10 May 2012, Brussels, Belgium.

  • Aix-Marseille Université-keynoter on “AHELO first findings”, 2012, Aix-en-Provence, France.

  • OECD conference on “Internationalisation for job creation and economic growth”, keynoter on “AHELO- spotlight on the American continent”, 12-13 April 2012, New York City, USA.

Quality Teaching and Learning Outcomes

  • OECD What Works Conference on Maximasing the student experience: organisation and moderation of the conference (34 countries, 80 participants), 8-9 April 2014, Paris. Report released in Dec 2014.

  • Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) Annual Conference: OECD Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes- early findings and impacts for US Higher Education, 28-31 January 2013, Washington DC, USA.

  • MENA-Association of Institutional Research, keynoter on “Assessing Learning Outcomes at a Time of Changing Higher Education”, 14-15 October 2011, Cairo, Egypt.

  • Going Global conference 2010, panellist on global rankings, 24-26 March 2010, London, UK.

  • ABET-International Leadership Colloquium on Quality Assurance, Accreditation and Assessment in Higher Education, ABET, panellist, 15-16 June 2010, Madrid, Spain.

  • European Association of International Education (EAIE), speaker on “Assessment of learning outcomes”, 17-18 September 2010, Nantes, France.

  • European Association of International Education (EAIE), panellist on “Universities go public: classification, ranking and learning outcomes”, 18 September 2009, Madrid, Spain.

  • INQAAHE 10th biennial Conference, speaker on “learning outcomes and international rankings”, 2009, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


  • Campus France, Jakarta (April 2013): Quality and student mobility in Asia: what for?

  • Going Global Conference – British Council – Dubaï, UAE (March 2013). Panel discussion drawing together economic analysis from OECD in identifying links between research output and economic growth, collaboration networks, brain circulation and talent migration.

  • Mexican Association for International Education, lecturer on the interplay between governments and universities strategies, Ensenada, Mexico, 7-9 November 2012.

  • European Association for International Education – Dialogue on “Leadership and the modernization of higher education, Dublin, Ireland, 14 September 2012.

  • Council on European Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER), keynoter on “Higher Education at a time of globalisation-new trends”, 20 October 2011, Turin, Italy.

  • International Partnerships in Higher Education, keynoter on “International partnerships in the OECD area”, 23 March 2011, London.

  • British Council / Vision-The Italian think tank, “The Future of the Universities in the Global Market of Ideas”, panellist, 13-14 April 2011, Perugia, Italy.

  • Irish Council of International Students, keynoter on “International mobility: Lessons learned from OECD data”, 11 June 2009, Dublin, Ireland.

  • ANECA (Spanish quality assurance agency) -“The internationalisation of the universities” panellist on “Scenarios for evaluation: a global dimension”, 7 July 2009, Santander, Spain.


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