International organisations

United Nations Organisations

  • UNICEF: Evaluation of UNICEF modality on Community preschools in Cambodia (2015) Strategy thinking on the repositioning of UNICEF as per early childhood in Cambodia.

  • UNESCO: Evaluation of CapEFA programme (UNESCO, 2015-2016) which is an extra-budgetary funding mechanism and programme approach created in 2003 to complement UNESCO’s efforts of global advocacy and coordination for EFA will concrete action at the country level, specifically those at risk of not achieving the goals by 2015. Team evaluator for ICON Institute, contracting consultancy.

  • UNESCO: Observatory for Higher Education and Employability, UNESCO Chair – Polytechnic University Madrid (2012-2013). International expert serving on the Experts Council of the Observatory for Higher Education Employment and Employability.

  • UNFPA: Evaluation of UNFPA support to population and housing census data to inform decision-making and policy formulation 2005-2014 (Total amount spent on census within the period under evaluation is USD 227.2 million). Contracting consultancy: Icon Institute. Position: Evaluation team leader.

World Bank

  • Evaluation of the legislation on higher education in Albania and assistance to design by-law and process (2015). World Bank.

  • Tunisia- competitive funds and new funding arrangements for higher education in Tunisia (June 2015): concept paper for future WB-funded project and organisation of the conference in June 2015 for the Ministry of higher education and the World Bank.

  • Evaluation of the World Bank project in Tunisia (2008-2013) aimed at supporting Quality in Higher Education (PARES) (2013). Core team member in charge of the evaluation of the implementation and impacts of the projects conducted by the universities and postsecondary institutes to strengthen employability of students and foster innovation.

  • Entrepreneurship in Tunisia, project design by World Bank (2015). Fabrice was a World Bank consultant, in charge of the design of human capital development policy, entrepreneurship and fulfilment of with economic expectations in Tunisia, to be funded by the World Bank 2015-2020.

  • Moroccan Public Private Partnerships (2015)-World Bank: International review on governmental provisions meant to foster interplay between education (secondary/tertiary) and corporations.

  • World Bank Expert – Evaluation of Quality Assurance system of Montenegro (World Bank / Ministry of Higher Education) (2013). International World Bank seasoned expert.

  • OECD Quality Assurance expert for the World Bank-Centre for Mediterranean Integration (2012). Fabrice was in charge of the quality assurance aspects of the review on skills mobility in MENA: Policy issues associated with Skills Formation and Mobility. Team leader: World Bank MENA.

European Union

  • European Union: SHARE (Support to Higher Education in ASEAN) project (2015-2018) with Campus France / British Council / DAAD / NUFFIC (10 M€). Fabrice is Team leader for the evaluation of Credit Transfer Systems and co-team on the mobility scheme infra ASEAN and between ASEAN and the EU. SHARE aims at putting together an Asian higher education area on the lines of the Bologna Process. SHARE Consortium leader: British Council.

  • CEDEFOP: Review of quality assurance arrangements in postsecondary education across Europe, (2014). This Europe-wide evaluation explored permeability of VET and higher education systems and pathways between academic and vocational studies. Contracting consultancy: EFDM, Ecorys and Bettelsmanstifftung.

  • EuropeAid-funded evaluation of Early Childhood project (AFD/EuropeAid) (2014) – impact evaluation with contribution analysis. Team leader of the evaluation of early childhood aid programmes in Cambodia. Fabrice conducted case studies of families in rural areas of Cambodia and peri-urban zones, data collection, capacity building sessions with NGOs.

  • European Commission -High Level Group on the Modernisation of Higher Education (2013). International expert in higher education, contribution to the works led by the High Level Group on the HE Modernisation, chaired by Mary McAleese, former president of Ireland.

  • External committee member for the EU-funded project Indicators for Mapping and Profiling Internationalisation (IMPI), 2011/2012. Member of the international ad hoc committee.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – OECD

  • Evaluation of the OECD regulatory policy committee, multi-country evaluation including insights into Europe.

  • Evaluation of the OECD competition committee multi-country evaluation including insights into Japan, Korea, USA. Position: seasoned evaluator.

  • Evaluation of OECD local economic and employment (LEED) programme multi-country evaluation including insights into Mexico, Columbia.

  • OECD conference designer and facilitator for the What Works conference Maximazing the student experience conference, 100 attendees and 30 international speakers, publication (April 2014).

  • OECD and Danish Ministry of Higher Education (2012). Team evaluator with 2 consultants and Head of skill beyond schools project. Countrywide review of the Post-secondary Vocational Education and Training: applied research, skills mismatch, higher education-business relations.

  • OECD project “Supporting quality teaching on higher education” (2008-2012). Project manager.

  • OECD Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO) 8 M€

  • OECD project “Managing internationalisation” (2010-2012) Team leader, with OECD steering group. The project explored how the many dimensions of internationalisation can be best managed by both governments and institutions so as to reap its (possible) benefits.

  • OECD expert: Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education/Arab Network for Quality Assurance (ANQAHE) (2012): Strategic thinking on quality assurance structures in Tunisia, in the perspective of setting the new quality assurance agency (established July 2013).


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World Bank

World Bank : Supporting design of new law on higher education in Albania.


UNICEF : Evaluation of early childhood in Cambodia.


UNESCO : Evaluation of Capacity Building Education For All.