Human capital development

Evaluation of UNICEF modality on Community preschools in Cambodia (2015) Strategy thinking on the repositioning of UNICEF as per early childhood in Cambodia.

Evaluation of CapEFA programme (UNESCO, 2015-2016) which is an extra-budgetary funding mechanism and programme approach created in 2003 to complement UNESCO’s efforts of global advocacy and coordination for EFA will concrete action at the country level, specifically those at risk of not achieving the goals by 2015. Team evaluator for ICON Institute, contracting consultancy.

Evaluation of fair trade in Madagascar and Burkina Faso and the policy of region Rhône-Alpes on fair trade (2015): evaluation of projects and policy meant to foster economic development in Rhône-Alpes region, France and in Madagascar and Burkina Faso, in the framework of decentralized cooperation. In association with Pluricité.

Evaluation of Advocacy programme on development and citizenship, Etudiants & Développement / French Development Agency (2015): Evaluation the programmes for the advocacy in development and citizenship in developing countries conducted by student-engaged NGOs.

Evaluation of the competition-based support to aid education, French Development Agency / FONJEP (2015): Evaluation of the competition-based support to aid education to French NGOs, meant to inform and train the Youth and the general public on development aid concepts and foster their engagement into development aid.

Evaluation of UNFPA support to population and housing census data to inform decision-making and policy formulation 2005-2014 (Total amount spent on census within the period under evaluation is USD 227.2 million). Contracting consultancy: Icon Institute. Position: Evaluation team leader.

Evaluation of French development aid to health studies in Cambodia (2015). Evaluation of 15 years of French cooperation, including International expert panel (4 members) steering Cambodian experts and leading the consultant team. Assessment of compliance with quality standards of WHO and outcome mapping. Team leader, in association with Pluricité.

Moroccan Foundation of Phosphates- OCP (2015): Feasibility study on the implementation of high schools and excellence and selective HE systems in the new city of Benguérir, Morocco. International benchmarking on quality assurance of selective systems. Team leader: Kairos conseil.

OECD conference designer and facilitator for the What Works conference Maximazing the student experience conference, 100 attendees and 30 international speakers, publication (April 2014).

Early Childhood project (AFD/EuropeAid) (2014) – impact evaluation with contribution analysis Team leader of the evaluation of early childhood aid programmes in Cambodia. Fabrice conducted case studies of families in rural areas of Cambodia and peri-urban zones, data collection, capacity building sessions with NGOs.

Evaluation and strategy design of inclusive education for vulnerable children in Western Africa-Multi-country evaluation (Handicap International/AFD) (2014-2015). Steering 5 country-case studies and conducting project reviews in Togo and Niger. Report drafting and quality control of expert-run evaluations. Associate team leader, in association with Pluricité.

Evaluation of the influence and attractiveness of French outermost universities – impact analysis with attribution analysis and prospective thinking methods (2013-2014). Team leader steering a group of 4 consultants operating in outermost territories, leading an international benchmarking of 36 island universities and a Delphi review with reputed academic experts (Australia, Brazil, Europe, South Africa). Team leader in association with Planète Publique.

Rhône-Alpes – French Region (2012): Evaluation and strategic thinking on secondary policies in France with international benchmarking on teaching leadership, innovative pedagogies and IT policies (OECD countries). In association with Planète Publique.

Evaluation of the World Bank project in Tunisia (2008-2013) aimed at supporting Quality in Higher Education (PARES) (2013). Core team member in charge of the evaluation of the implementation and impacts of the projects conducted by the universities and postsecondary institutes to strengthen employability of students and foster innovation. Leader: World Bank Education Specialist MENA Region.

Evaluation of the sustainability and extension of VET programmes in Lebanon. French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2013). Team leader of a 2-consultant team, conducting case studies and high level interviews with Ministerial authorities. This evaluation was meant to explore the quality of the new vocational programmes including competence-based approach and the likely dissemination of good practices in VET programmes across Lebanon. Team leader in association with Pluricité.

Evaluation of the Higher Education Reform in Senegal (2013). Team leader, in charge of the assessment of professionalization of tertiary education in the country, 3 consultant-team. This evaluation was meant to explore the impacts of the support to the extension of higher education offering and institutions within Senegal and especially the impacts on entrepreneurship and interplay between higher education and corporations. In association with Pluricité.

Evaluation of the Higher Education Reform in Angola/ANGOSUP (2013) Team leader in charge of the evaluation of the extension of higher education programmes and quality of learning environments and teaching. 3-consultant team. In association with Pluricité.

Associate consultant – Cross-country evaluation of Higher Education programmes in The Gambia, in Ghana (2013), in the framework of several multi-year countrywide projects conducted by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Associate consultant in charge of the quality assessment of French-taught programmes in Anglophone higher education systems. In association with Pluricité.

Evaluation of the quality improvement project at the Lebanese University, Beirut, French Ministry of foreign affairs (2014). Team leader, in charge of steering Lebanese experts, interviews with ministries and overseeing case study in Bekka region. In association with Pluricité.

Evaluation of capacity building programs for academics in Vietnam, French Development Agency (2013). Co-team leader of evaluation of the capacity building initiative « The Summer School in Tam Dao-Vietnam » commissioned by the French Development Agency, in association with Pluricité.

OECD and Danish Ministry of Higher Education (2012).  Team evaluator with 2 consultants and Head of skill beyond schools project. Countrywide review of the Post-secondary Vocational Education and Training: applied research, skills mismatch, higher education-business relations.

Evaluation of universities in the framework of the OECD project “Supporting quality teaching on higher education”. Project manager facilitating a group of international experts, he surveyed 30 universities and undertook university case studies in 10 different countries with an academic counterpart; he organized 3 OECD conferences and published books and guides. He ran capacity building workshops on quality improvement with universities (Russia, South Africa, Europe). University case studies comprised:

  • Evaluation at the Open University of Catalonia, Spain (45 000 students, fully online education): quality assurance system to ensure high performance of virtual education.

  • Evaluation at Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary: e-learning platform, and infusion of work-based experience within and outside the university.

  • Evaluation at University Laval, Canada: leveraging teaching policies with professional development connected to real-life environment in all disciplinary fields of the university and virtual project-based education.

  • Evaluation at Laurea University, Finland: “Learning By Developing” project-based learning model introducing intensive use of ICT and applied research for all students.

  • Evaluation at Veracruzana University, Mexico: development of learning-centred model including complex thinking skills, research innovation and use of ICT with a view to offering an inclusive educational model to students with differing educational backgrounds.

  • Evaluation at Catholic University Porto, Portugal: community service and prevention of students’ dropout.

  • Evaluation at Higher School of Economics, Russia: internationalisation of the research university.

  • Evaluation at University of Campinas, Brazil: enhancing quality of teaching at a research-intensive university open to all communities.

  • Evaluation at University of Catania, Italy: implementation of Bologna Process in a context of mistrust by students.

  • Evaluation at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa: extended curriculum project to assist underperforming students, centre for teaching effectiveness to support faculty.

OECD Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO) 8 M€ Member of core team that steering consortium of consultant (Australia/Europe, leader: ACER) 23 000 students, 5000 teachers, 250 institutions. Fabrice was in charge especially of:

  • Design Evaluation frameworks for internationally recognised learning outcomes in economics and engineering (adapting the TUNING Approach).

  • Design of contextual indicators with countries and experts

  • Facilitation of Stakeholders Consultative Group: knowledge building on design/implementation of the study with networks of higher education institutions, employers associations, students, quality assurance agencies and unions (EUA, ENQA, EUREASHE, ESU…)

  • Liaising with Arab countries (fundraising, advocacy)

Senior consultant at EUREVAL-Center for European Evaluation & Expertise (2000-2003):

  • Evaluation of the impacts of the European Structural Funds on rural development, in collaboration with ADE (Belgium), Cross-border region, Belgium-France.

  • Evaluation of the impacts of cultural policies on economic development, Ministry of culture, France.

  • Evaluation of urban revival policies and social inclusion support, Loire-Atlantique, France.

  • Country-wide evaluation of the economic/social inclusion, Association of French Departments, France.


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